Selected news reportage from the United States, former USSR, and Eastern Europe

Class time for johns: Featuring a hereditary Sheriff who likes to think of himself as a movie star, an ex-army recruit accused of being a serial killer, a husband-and-wife preacher team, a Clinton acolyte and Democratic donor, and a cast of unfortunate men caught in police stings, this is the story of how the prison industry can no longer rely on weed-smokers to fill their cells, so it is looking to sex offenders—and that is what johns will be classified as—to pick up the slack. (Penthouse, December 2018)

When E.W Higginbottom was 3, his dad was lynched. Finally, he's made the body count: While E.W was a sleeping toddler, his father was dragged from his jail cell by a vigilante mob and hanged from a tree as a crowd cheered on. Now, he is remembered with thousands of other African Americans as the country's first national memorial to lynching victims opens (ABC, 25 April 2018)

This 78-Year-Old Nun Wants to Save Everyone on Death Row: “A person is worth more than the worst thing they have ever done,” Sister Helen Prejean says (Broadly, 22 March 2018)

Australia and the North Korean Threat: As two men escalate apocalyptic warnings, the media ramps up global fear (Penthouse, 4 September 2017)

Growing homelessness in Washington, DC: As low-cost housing in America’s inner cities is routed by gentrification, and unemployment and feeble wage growth dogs workers, homelessness is booming – including in the nation’s capital (The Saturday Paper, 7 July 2017)

‘I feel awful’: Welcome to the life of a competitive eater: Stevie has just won her latest competition by downing 10 hotdogs in 10 minutes and she feels awful. Welcome to the life of a competitive eater (, 28 April 2017)

They fled violence and chaos in Venezuela – now they fear Donald Trump will force them to return: Venezuelans say that they cannot return to Nicolas Maduro's police state (IB Times, 24 January 2017)

Women are turning to ‘self-abortion’ as a last resort in America as ‘fake’ clinics take over: When Lee visited what she thought was an abortion clinic, she was met with the opposite. This is what happens inside a fake clinic (, 19 January 2017)

Driverless trucks threaten jobs in 'Trumpland': Technology, now undergoing trials, is being touted as a way of reducing a massive road toll, but it simultaneously threatens to strip many truck drivers of their livelihoods — in an already struggling economy (ABC, 20 December 2016)

Life and death on Georgia's poverty line: In the USA's Deep South, one man's death becomes a symbol for his family of all that is wrong with the American Dream — and why Donald Trump appeals to the working poor (ABC, 7 November, 2016)

A Fellow Traveler Enters the Moscow Cage Match: American MMA fighter Jeff Monson is a posterboy for the Russian Communist Party's propaganda push. But he may be a pawn in a larger game (Foreign Policy, 17 September 2016)

How Gagauzia, a tiny corner of Moldova, became the front line in Erdogan and Putin's war for influence: Gagauzia attracts investment from both Turkey and Russia by playing them off against each other (IB Times, 10 August 2016)

The football world cup for countries that don't exist: From places as far-flung as Abkhazia, the Chagos Islands and Somaliland, an obscure tournament brings together players representing unrecognised states (ABC, 30 May 2016) 

'Extreme tours' mark 30 years since Chernobyl nuclear disaster: Thirty years after the world's most catastrophic nuclear accident, the home of the infamous Chernobyl nuclear reactor number four is transformed into an "extreme tourism" theme park (ABC, 11 April 2016)

Route to nowhere: Refugees in no man's land as European doors close: As more nations slam the door on the Balkan route to northern Europe, the small Macedonian border town of Gevgelija finds itself at the epicentre of Europe's refugee crisis (ABC, 9 March 2016)

Soccer, vodka and unrest: the Kyrgyzstan story is a compelling one: Ahead of tonight's World Cup qualifier, most Australians would know little of Kyrgyzstan. But the inhabitants of this small country have known more history in the last decade alone than most of us could remember (ABC, 15 June 2015)