A selection of longform narrative essays. Links to a two month series of columns on Australia and the United States in 2017 for The Monthly can be found here

Alone in America: Nobody is immune to our epidemic of separation and despair (Current Affairs, 31 March 2018)

The American (Drug) Century: Huntington has capitulated to agony: the facade of despair and isolation, the portrait of American emptiness (Meanjin, September 2017)

Sex and censorship: Despite changes in what is banned and what is not, censorship is still alive and well in the 21st century (Penthouse, September 2017)

'Islam Karimov cannot be dead; only Islam Karimov can declare himself dead': An obituary to the late tyrant of Uzbekistan (Little Atoms, 5 September 2016) 

Anzac Day: A myth to cleanse Australia's "convict stain": What drives Australians' obsession with Gallipoli? (Little Atoms, 25 April 2015)