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Love is the Keys: A narrow archipelago of blissful islands that cling to the US southeast coast, the Florida Keys have inspired some of America's best writers (Virgin Voyeur inflight magazine, August 2018)

Curing Clarksdale’s blues: A music-loving Melbourne economist is revitalising a Mississippi town (The Monthly, June 2018)

Mexican Wave: Discover the history and culture of Mexico through its celebrated street food. Its eponymous capital offers a tasty introduction to these little cravings (Virgin Voyeur inflight magazine, June 2018)

Riding the Pyramid: How a monument to a dictator became a symbol of defiance (World Nomads, 21 February 2018)

Crying the blues [paywalled - see magazine print here] : In spite of an ever-changing sonic landscape, this Alabama juke joint remains a spirited social institution and a perfect setting in which to sing the blues (Monocle, 19 October 2017)

Georgia on my mind: Coastal Georgia offers an abundance of comfort food, soul music, and historic estates, but it's the southern hospitality that will leave you charmed (Virgin Voyeur magazine, August 2017)

Shifting gears: Texan exuberance and a love for the motorcar may define Houston, but its charms lie in another kind of physicality—its sprawling displays of quirky outsider art (Virgin Voyeur magazine, May 2017)

Hunting old Lenin statues reveals a new Russia and Central Asia: Nailing selfies with Vlads – statues of Lenin – across Russia and Central Asia is a revealing way to explore the former USSR (Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend magazine, 3 March 2017)

Inside the tournament of shadows : Travelling across Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, Elle Hardy discovered a fascinating mix of ancient cultures, simmering divisions and seeming contradictions (Little Atoms issue 1, August 2016)

Meet the Gagauz: a minority in Moldova in need of a stronger voice (Monocle, 21 July 2016)

In Pictures: celebrating Victory Day in Transnistria: Soviet nostalgia in the breakaway republic (Little Atoms, 10 May 2016) 

Memories fade but linger in Andijan, Uzbekistan: Conspicuous construction cannot erase the troubled history of Andijan, nor suppress the soul of old Uzbekistan (Saturday Paper, 2 April 2016)

Astana, Kazakhstan's high kitsch capital: The architecture of oil-rich autocracies always strikes the same note (Little Atoms, August 2015)

Dawei’s rhyme and punishment in Beijing: In Beijing, the hip-hop scene faces down bans and hopes for the future (Saturday Paper, 25 April 2015)

The absurdities faced by North Korean refugees in China: We hear dramatic stories of refugee escapes from North Korea, yet it’s one of the least fearsome natural borders one can imagine (SBS, 18 September 2014)